Today U.S. Congressman Joaquín Castro (TX-20) has endorsed Sylvester Turner in the race for Houston mayor.

“I am proud to endorse Sylvester Turner for Mayor of Houston,” said Congressman

Castro. “I served alongside Rep. Turner in the Texas House of Representatives and I saw firsthand his commitment to working on the issues that matter to Houston’s middle class families; jobs, education and opportunity for all. Sylvester will unite the people of Houston and move the city forward.”

“I’m very honored to have the support of Congressman Castro. He’s a bright Texas leader, a tireless advocate for the people he represents and a voice for the Latino community in Texas and nationwide,” said Turner. “We’re both in agreement – Houstonians deserve leadership that drives our city forward – leadership that brings Houstonians together and works best when it works for all and not just a certain few.” 

Also today, Former Sheriff Adrian Garcia, his wife Monica and HISD Trustee Juliet Stipeche voted early for Turner at Moody Park and urged all Latinos to cast their ballots for him. 

“Sylvester Turner’s vision embraces all Houstonians,” said Garcia.  “Sylvester knows that income inequality and strong schools are important issues for our community.”

“Sylvester will build bridges and collaborate with our schools,” Stipeche said.  “Every child deserves a bright future.  I urge everyone to vote for Sylvester Turner, a leader who believes in that bright future.”

“Houston’s future is too critical for our city to be allowed to go back to basics,” said Garcia.  “If you don’t vote, we risk setting our city on a backwards course.  Everyone, especially Hispanics, should vote for Sylvester Turner for mayor.”