About Sylvester Turner

We're all in this together.

For 25 years, Sylvester Turner has been a champion for Houston’s middle class families.

Sylvester Turner is running for mayor to bring more opportunities to Houston’s middle class families – because Houston works best when it works for all of us.

Fill a Pothole, Fix a Problem

We all need smoother streets. But we also need to build better roads to the future for so many of our young people who lack the skills to get good jobs and the financial ability to attend a four-year college.

Sylvester Turner knows we can do both.

That’s why he is launching the Road to the Future initiative, to provide young Houstonians with the opportunity to gain a combination of vocational and life skills needed to become employable and on-the-job training repairing Houston’s streets and roads.

Sylvester Turner for Mayor of HoustonSylvester will bring together community colleges, businesses, labor unions and non-profit organizations to create a combination of classroom instruction and structured summer jobs, after-school jobs, after-high-school jobs and bridge jobs – real jobs with real skills that will help make the promise of Houston real for every Houstonian.

And that’s just the start.

As mayor, Sylvester will:

  1. Institute a quick-fix program for pothole repair, implement a top-to-bottom performance audit of the city’s Public Works department and make sure that the money Houstonians are paying each month for streets and drainage is being used for its intended purpose;
  2. Make our city safer by stepping up community-based policing and improving relations between HPD and communities of color;
  3. Address economic inequality and provide more opportunities for Houston’s working people to get ahead;
  4. Support our local schools, including providing safe routes to school for our youth, increasing communication and sharing resources among the city and our school districts and making sure our youth have opportunities to be productive during out-of-school time; and
  5. Create partnerships between community colleges and the private sector to give graduates a better chance at getting good, local jobs by better aligning workforce training with actual private sector job needs.

A Champion for Houston’s Middle-Class Families

Sylvester knows first-hand that, in the shadows of Houston’s growth and prosperity, there are too many communities still operating on the margins. Growing up in Houston’s Acres Homes community, Sylvester went from sharing one room with eight brothers and sisters to attending Harvard Law School, founding his own business and then becoming a champion in the state legislature for Houston’s middle class families.

As a small business owner, Sylvester has provided good jobs, affordable health care and a secure future for his employees for 31 years.

As our state representative, Sylvester stopped utility companies from unfairly raising gas and electricity rates, worked to make health care more affordable for children and families, and led the fight to restore billions of dollars in cuts to public schools.

Now Sylvester is bringing together a broad coalition of Democrats and Republicans, business leaders, unions and community groups to make sure that our city of opportunity works for all of us.

Join Sylvester Turner’s campaign today – because we’re all in this together.

Meet Sylvester Turner

Where Sylvester Came From

Sylvester Turner was born and raised in the Acres Homes community in northwest Houston. His parents moved to Acres Homes in 1954, the year Sylvester was born.

Sylvester’s mother worked as a maid in the old Rice Hotel in Houston. His father worked as a painter for Continental Ensco and on the weekends, cut yards with his sons to make extra money. The Turners raised nine children in their modest two-bedroom home in Acres Homes. Sylvester lost his father to cancer when he was 13 years old… read more

What He's Done for Houston and Texas

Representative Sylvester Turner has served 25 years in the Texas House of Representatives. He is a member of the Legislative Budget Board; Vice Chair of the House Appropriations Committee; Chair of the Subcommittee on Articles 1, 4 and 5 (General Government, Judiciary, Public Safety and Criminal Justice); and a member of the House State Affairs Committee.

He also chairs both the Texas Legislative Black Caucus and the Greater Houston Area Legislative Delegation… read more

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